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Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions (“Terms & Conditions”) prior to using this website and the services provided by Becoming You Studio ("The Studio"). These Terms & Conditions apply to the purchase, subscription, and use of the services and the website as an user.

By using or purchasing any services including the subscriptions of The Studio and the website, you agree to be bound by and comply with the listed Terms & Conditions.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact by email at


a. "The Studio" means Becoming You Studio

b. "the website" means this websit

c. "purchase(s)" means any services or products that you transacted with The Studio or on the website

d. “subscription” means any subscription service provided by The Studio or the website
e. “content” means the following but are not limited to any services, information, documents, electronic resources, videos, or audios provided to you as part of the services or subscription provided
f. “you” and “your” mean any person who is using or used The Studio or the website's services or contents


a. The purhcase can be done by using the online platform, in writing, or by telephone.
b. When you submit an order, you automatically warrant the following :

i. You have read closely the Terms and Conditions of this website and any additional information relating your purchase or subscription.

ii. Only purchase services that you are legally competent to (i.e. some may require you to be over the age of 18).
iii. The information you provide for your services or products are accurate and complete.

c. Legally bind to any contract, based on the Terms & Conditions of the website and the service or product of purchase, and is effective upon the issuing of your order confirmation by The Studio (meaning an acceptance of your purchase).
d. The Studio reserves the right to refuse your order for any reason. In the case where your order is refused, The Studio will notify you and explain the reason of which may be fixed.
e. Your purchase of the services or products entitle you to your rights and accesses to use the purchased contents.
f. The information and contents from The Studio and on the website are provided for personal educational use, yet it cannot be accounted as 100% accurate information due to how fast information gets updated in our era.
g. A notification of will be provided to any changes to your purchased services or products.

Price & Payment

a. The price of the service and products is as quoted on the website unless given any digital confirmation on discounts and deals.
b. The price is in USD for the English Version and in NTD for the Chinese version and is inclusive of tax.
c. More terms and conditions on booked session payment, cancellation, and refund policy is as following. Click to read.
d. If you have placed an order in for non-session services and products, and if The Studio did not receive payment or payment authorization, The Studio may suspend or terminate your accesses to the contents.
A notification of will be provided to any changes to your purchased services or products.

Cancellation & Refunds

a. By placing an order for the non-session services and products, you automatically agree that the transaction may commence immediately upon the order confirmation, unless you execute your right to cancel the purchase following within 7 days after your receipt of the order confirmation.
b. You are entitled to cancel your purchase at any time, in th case where you have extended 7 days after your purhcase, you will not be entitled to a refund. You will still have access to the non-session services or products until (if any) specified period ends.
c. If you have decided to cancel your purchase, you must notify The Studio in writing by email to
d. The Studio reserves the right to cancel your purchase or subscription if The Studio ceases to provide that service or product, in this case you will be entitled to a pro rata refund if qualified.

e. The Studio reserves the right to suspend or cancel your purchase if you are in breach to the Terms & Conditions, in this case you will not be entitled to a refund even if you qualify.
f. Any suspension or cancellation of your purchases will be notited to you.
g. Refunds will be processed on the last day of the month upon a confirmation on your cancellation less any banking administration fess inquired.


If you have subscribed to a service or product, it/they will automatically continue to renew at the end of each specified subscription period (subjecting to the Terms & Conditions), unless The Studio received your notice to cancel. The Studio is authorized to charge the original paymnt method (i.e. credit or debit card) to make payment.

User Identification

a. You are responsible and accountable for keeping your user name and password confidential for protection and privacy reasons.
b. If you think or suspect that your confidentiality of your personal user name or password had been compromised or stolen, you must take action and immediately change your password. In this case, please notify The Studio by email at

Accuracy of Information & Availability

a. The Studio makes effort to update the contnt and information, but The Studio does not guarantee that any of  the contents or information on the website and product contents are accurate, complete or up to date.
b. The content and information on the website and product contents are here to provide for informational and educational purposes only, and they do not constitute to legal, medical or financial advice.

c. The Studio maks effort to ensure that the website and product contents are secure and available for your use, but The Studio does not guarantee any of the website or product contents will remain:

i. available to you at all times;

ii. accessible on all sorts of devices;
iii. forever accessible to you; and
iv. free from errors, typos, interruptions, viruses or malware.

d. It your responsibility to configure your device in order to access the website and product contents

e. It your responsibility to install,use, or upgrade updated and effective antivirus software on the device you are using.
f. The Studio reserves the right to pause, stop, suspend, withdraw, or discontinue any of the services' or products' all or any part of them at any time.


a. Any information or content provided by The Studio or the website is for information and educational purposes. They cannot replace any offical doctor's nots or diagnosis. 

b. You are responsible and accountable to check with your doctor or physiologist prior to taking any sessions or purchasing any products from The Studio. 

c. Due to differences in background and personality, the results from the sessions and products may vary.

d. If you experience any discomfort, pain, or discomfort, please contact your doctor or visit a hospital. The Studio is not responsible for your delay in getting diagnosed and treated.

Links to Third-Party Websites

The website or product content may contain links to other third-party websites. These links arefor informational and educational purposes only. The Studio is not responsible for and do not have control over any other third-party website or content. The Studio is not responsible for any information accuratecy and possible losses or  disputes between you and the third-party websites. If you choose to use their services and browse their websites, you will be accountable for any consequences that follow.

Intellectual Property

a. The intellectual property ("IP") rights of The Studio and the website (including but not limited to trademarks, contents, copyrights, designs, videos, audios, and other IP rights of any other kind)  in the serivces and the product contents are owned by The Studio, the founder, and the licensors, the rights are all reserved.

b. Any loss due to the misuse or breach of the Terms and Conditions by you may subject to The Studio's claim for compensation. The compensation is for costs relating to legal fees and expenses used to defend The Studio and the founder.

Data Protection

The personal information you provided to The Studio is processed and taken care of in accordance to The Studio's Data Privacy Policy.

Law & Jurisdiction

This Terms & Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the law of Taiwan and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Taiwan.


The Studio reserves the right to adjust or amend the Terms & Conditions, Data Privacy Policy, and Payment Policy, for any legal or regulatory purposes. The amendment may also be to reflect any changes to The Studio's services, product contents, or business and operation practices. The Studio will not be issuing notices when adjustmentsor amendments are made. You are responsible and accountable for checking the Terms & Conditions prior to using any services or products provided by The Studio.

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