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1 on 1 Private Sessions

Suitable for Those Who Value Confidentiality and Wants Catered Service to Remove Their Life Blocks or Resolve Inner Concerns Powerfully, Effectively, and Permanently.

​Deep Dive to Discover the Root Cause of a Chosen Topic or an Area of Concern by You!

Rewire Your Understanding and Transform Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviours All at Once.

You Will Also Receive a Customized Transformational Audio Recording to Ensure the Phenomenal Results Last and That Your Desired Life Changes Happen Sooner!

Fill in Your Intake Form

To provide your background information and select areas of concerns that you possibly want to work on in a session.


​Book a 15 Minute Phone Call

This is to verify your information and to understand your motive of seeking the session. This will be a great time for you to clarify a focus topic for the session and for any questions you may have. Only one topic at a time per session, although usually the other concerns are correlated by the topic chosen and will be resolved together.


Make the Payment to Secure Your Booking

As the availability gets booked pretty quick and usually a month ahead, please make payments for your session(s) within 48 hours of time frame. If the payment is not completed on time, your booking will be automatically cancelled. Click here to review the payment instructions and terms.


Have Your Session (1.5-3 Hours)

Most sessions fall into 2.5 hours long. It is recommended to allow a 3 hour time frame when booking a session. 

In an ideal 1.5 Hour Session:

15-20 Minutes of Understanding the Current Concern & Your Background
40 Minutes of Finding the Root Cause and Rewiring Your Subconscious Mind

20-30 Minutes of Transforming You to Your Desired Results


Listen to Your Custom-Made Audio for 21 Days

Listening to your customized Transformational Audio Recording programs your subconscious mind to act the way you want it to. It will help condition your subconscious mind to intake all the suggestions that you want, and it will also help you maintain positive feelings and behaviours to attract and create the life you desire for.


Book a 5-10 Minute Follow Up Call

21 days after your session, book a quick phone call to reflect and notice your differences. Congradulate yourself once again and make acknowledgements to your efforts. This is also a great time to ask any possible questions that may have arised since the session. If there are other areas of concerns that you feel like working on, we can book another session.

Common Session Topics

If You Know a Pill is Going to Work and Fix You Up For Sure...

and It Can Free You or Make You Better From

All the Years of Internal or Physical Struggles.
Why Not Make the Investment Now Because

You Are Definitely

Worthy and Deserving of It!

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