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Great outcomes from clients with various and different backgrounds!

RTT works perfectly with every indivudal in its unique ways.

Entrepreneur Stress

"I decided to give it a shot after having several talks with Jenny. It was very quick for me to identify her kind heart and caring personality. She has a fast way to see with very clear insight, the root of the issue and has immense compassion for a persons story or struggle.


Often after numerous phone calls and Zoom video chats I was left with great insight and takeaways, expanding my perspective and helping me feel lighter towards situations or conflict. She never once pushed me to "buy time" or packages, only genuinely giving full and undivided attention to ensure I was being heard and that she gave whole efforts towards giving value and input respectfully and with my permission.


This happened over a period of months which led me to believe she is in it for me not for my money. I am confident she is doing what she loves, hence why I feel she is so effective. She really gets a kick out of bettering the world and making a difference in ones personal life, relationships or outlook on life. Highly recommended."

— Albert, Director of Multi-million Businesses

Anger & Stress

"I strongly recommend Jenny’s RTT session to anyone in search of immediate transformation, relief from pain and/ or wish to be freed from mental, emotional or unknown physical suffering.


Before my RTT session with Jenny, I was often low on energy, suffered from constant stress and struggled to advance further in my life because I easily got angry and frustrated. I was not fully in control of myself while anger often overpowered me.  

My RTT session with Jenny transformed my life instantly—which is unbelievable but true!  I have been freed from the internal struggles immediately during the session and onward.

Overcoming this ‘once-seemed-impossible’ anger issue presented me with a new perspective in life and turned me into a more confident, optimistic and happier person.
Thank you, Jenny, for all that you have done. You gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person. "

— Civil Servant of Ministry of the Attorney General

in Canada

Albert Testimonial
Anger & Stress


"It's been 22 years since the first outbreak of the epilepsy when I was 18. I have always thought of it as a condition where it needs to be controlled by medications, but I never thought about curing it or being free from it one day. Since having a session with Jenny, it has become relatively easy to cope with the symptoms.


I still have minor symptoms, but it was easily managed and stayed under control. ​ I believe by listening to the transformational recording every single day, I can become free from it fully soon! Thank you so much Jenny!"

— R&D Assistant Manager


"I was experiencing extreme discomfort from pregnancy. There were irregular blood spotting, uterus contractions, nausea, vomitting, constipation, and pubis dysfunction pains, etc., with all the medications that I take (antiabortifacient, painkiller, and gastrointestinal medicins) are giving me extreme stress, discomfort, insecurity, insomnia, depression and anxiety. ​


It's only been a week since my session with Jenny, and her audio recording has helped me to stay asleep longer. My constipation has been eased, and I stopped being dependent on medications. I also feel more stable with my moods. RTT is indeed very rapid and effective!"

— Monica Huang, Social Media Influencer


People Stress

"I used to feel highly stressful when I think about needing to give people favors and saying yes to all their requests. It not only affected my romantic relationship, it also affected my mood everyday. I was very anxious and unhappy most of the time. ​


Since having the therapy session with Jenny at Becoming You Studio, a lot of people noticed my differences and said I look happier!


I felt lighter physically and less burden on my shoulder. ​ Now, I take initiatives to solve confrontational issues which I had not been able to previously.


The results were great and the session was comfortable and relaxing. I highly recommend those who wants fast and effective outcomes to find Jenny for a RTT session!"

— Founder of Fund Management Company

Stress Releasing

"I was experiencing a periodic outburst of emotional breadown due to stress, and I became interested in the exploration of my inner self through reading and meditation. ​ The emotional outbreaks happens once a week leading to sudden burst of tears and the constant questioning of the purpose to be alive. I was overwhelmed by negative emotions affecting my mental and physical wellness. ​


When Jenny shared with me about RTT, I got really curious and decided to give it a try. The therapy felt very similar to doing meditation, but I can't find the exact words to explain it. It felt very magical, and I haven't had any emotional outbreaks since having a session with Jenny. I recommend those who are experiencing internal struggles, looking for a direction in life, or dealing with physical ailments and still haven't found a solution to do the therapy session and have a chat with Jenny!"

— Jessy Wu

Self Worth

"I really enjoyed my sessions with Jenny. She has such a calming personality and voice that I was immediately put at ease.


RTT really helped to create the space to allow me to go back and deal with old wounds. In doing so, enabling me to feel so much more free and peaceful. I really recommend Jenny and my sessions with RTT!"

— Chris

Self Doubts

"In the past two to three years, my emotionals stayed flat since my mom passed away. Work has become very depressing, and the uncertainty of what's going to happen in the future were both overwhelming and I felt incapable to manage.

In January 2022, the fear and self doubt had expanded massively that I no longer feel joy out of life. After having RTT sessions with Jenny and feeling a sense of security through her guidance, I felt my soul was saved. When the sessions ended, there were enourmous sense of relaxation and my mind was at ease.

Along with the custom-made transformational audio recording that I listen to daily now, insecurity no longer controls me. If you are facing and dealing with insecurity and self doubts, I highly recommend you RTT sessions to regain your courage and passion in life."

— Agnes


"Since I entered the work field, I have met various successful and capable individuals. This has made me compare with others often and withered my self-confidence. I started to avoid social events and lost my motivation at work. The vicious cycle caused me to be anxious and close-minded.

After the session with Jenny, I started to change in my attitude, thought, and behavior. The big difference is I admire others more often and I also do the same to myself. I have learnt to acknowledge myself.

What surprises me the most was I started to get praises at work, and the situation was exactly what I told Jenny what I wanted in the session. It sounds almost unbelievable, but the truth is what it is! 


Because I have never gone through any hypnotherapies before, I was a bit nervous before the session started. At the end of the session, I forgave myself and let go of guilt, and I was relaxed and free. 


Thanks to Jenny for being warm and taking me to see my inner self, and gently guided me in the progress. The session was very comforting and totally worth the experience. I got to embrace myself and acknowledge the hard work I have done.


It has been a pleasant and magical experience, and I highly recommend who ever is reading this right now to have a RTT session with Jenny. Spend the time to xperience falling in love with yourself ❤"

— Anonymous

Growth Stress

"Before I had the session with Jenny on July 16th, 2022,I was very anxious with growing and learning. I felt that pursuing my hobbies and interests will affect my performances at work. I was unable to achieve a work-life balance due to this.


After having just one session with Jenny, I understood the core reasons of my anxiety, and I was able to have the courage to pursue the life I desired for. Since the session, I was also praising myself more daily and acknowledging every little bit of my growth. Additionally, I become to believe that I am capable and equipped to accomplis everything I set out to do. And now, I enjoy life way more.


This has been a magical and surprising experience, and it was fast and effective. I really like the custom-made transformational recording Jenny made me. My life has been different. I highly recommend anyone who wants  to achieve fast and effective results to have a RTT session with Jenny."

— Alan, Software Engineer

Skin Acnes

"I did not notice that this acne issue was gone until I started thinking about what to write for the testimonial!! I had two sessions with Jenny, and in the 2nd session we focused on the acne issue. Starting from November 2021, right after I met my ex-boyfriend, I started having acne breakouts around my mouth every month just before my menstrual period. This happened even after we broke up. It had bothered me a lot, but I just could not figure out why and how to cure it.

During our session, Jenny really helped me understand what emotional burdens and beliefs I had carried with me all these years. What is far more important is that she helped me truly express out and let go of all the emotions stuck inside towards my best friend and my ex-boyfriend. Now two months have passed since our last session, and I have not had a single acne breaking out anymore!!! Thank you, Jenny!!!

I absolutely love the transformational recording Jenny made for me!! I believe it played a crucial role in getting rid of this acne issue. Also, during our talk and sessions, Jenny noticed that I have a strong desire to meet my perfect partner and build a healthy relationship, so she put this in my transformational recording which really excited my brain! I am more confident and patient now because I believe my soulmate is on his path finding me :) Thank you so much, Jenny! You're such an angle and a phenomenal RTT therapist!!"

— Yanjun Zhou Data Engineer

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